Sold out secret Cds! They invited me back! Oct 28th @ Abracadabar Bar

Thank you so much for such a wonderful show last night! We had a packed house and sold out of all our CDs. That’s it, no more physical copies of the secret CD! Please sign up to my newsletter at the bottom of the page to find out when my next CD will be available (some surprises are in the works). Jonny Cole killed it on bass and so far no sign of jet-lag, even though he was fresh off the plane.  We had a surprise guest Chief from Australia join us, he is an amazing singer-songwriter. It was also great to be a part of the World premiere of Paris’ Lucille and the Blues Trio!!!  I’m excited to announce that we got invited back for another show on Oct 28th @ Abracadabar Bar with the special guest Ventru. So many things to celebrate! Join the fun and join the facebook event here. 

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Photo Credit: A l’Abracadabar Bar