Dream in Kindness Tour 2016

I closed my eyes and wondered if I could do something to change to world what would it be? I dreamed about how can I change the world through music. What would our world look like if we all focused on this in our own ways? Well, this month I’m making that dream a reality. This month I will be touring in the USA to help raise awareness for different causes, proceeds from the venues will be donated. This is not a crowd funding campaign, this is a kindness campaign which means you support through actions not money. Let’s raise awareness together! #DreaminKindness

FIVE ways to support:

0. Remember to hashtag: #DreaminKindness on your messages!

1. Come to these performances in person (get the touring dates here).

2. Watching the Updates online and contribute your positive comments.

3. Sharing the messages

4. Bring a friend to the performances

5. Create your own way to support here.

Join the email list here.

View the Touring Dates here.

July 8 – Eugene, OR

July 9 – Medford, OR

July 10 – Reno, NV

July 15 – San Diego, CA

July 19 – Taos, NM

July 20 – Crested Butte, CO

July 21 – Puelbo, CO


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